The group's shareholders

A strong group

for international development

Supported by its new shareholders, VITAPROTECH aims to become a major global benchmark in the sensitive site security sector. This plan has a three-pronged approach: ramp up technological investments and develop new products and services, accelerate expansion in Europe and America and carry out external growth operations.

Eurazeo PME will place its international business network (in particular, the US, Brazil, China, Germany) and its expertise in operational support, governance, digital, CSR, build-up integration, etc. at the service of the Group’s strategy of excellence.


Group employees

More than 30% of the capital is held by employees and managers of the Group.

Eurazeo PME

This long-term professional shareholder brings to its shareholdings all the financial, human and organisational resources for long-term transformation, supporting the companies in its portfolio in the deployment of sustainable and therefore responsible growth.

BPI France

Bringing the project to the forefront as of now, working together with Eurazeo PME and managing the handover to this benchmark player, which will place its organisation at the service of an ambition, ours was a different approach and in keeping with our role as an investor.