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Joining Vitaprotech

Means being part of a rapidly expanding Group, working together to provide security to places and people

Satisfaction with the results

VITAPROTECH recognises and rewards motivation, risk taking, knowledge and performance in relation to challenging projects, by promoting mobility and training. Everyone is given the opportunity to test themselves, accept responsibility and use their talent to succeed personally and collectively.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Teams and individuals that demonstrate enthusiasm, have a taste for innovation and are passionate about their job can rely on a solid, ever-expanding Group to further develop their skills. Autonomy in work and team spirit are combined so all employees can be part of the Group’s mission.

Responsible expertise

The Group is conscious of the human, social and environmental issues of its market. Its desire is to bring together talent around a common aim: to develop better solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Attractive employer

Our responsible employer promise is illustrated in particular by our commitments to work life quality. To this end, we are committed to combatting all forms of discrimination and promoting equal opportunities for all in terms of professional development. In particular, we aim to take on 10% of the Group’s workforce in apprenticeship or block release posts for young people.

Positive societal impact

VITAPROTECH is working to make a positive impact on society as a whole.

Controlling our environmental footprint

The Group undertakes to support the energy and ecology transition towards an economy that protects natural resources, both in terms of its internal operations and through its relationships with clients and suppliers.

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