A french group

Leader in premium security solutions

VITAPROTECH is the leading French Group in premium security solutions for professional and, in particular, sensitive sites. Created in 2012, the Group currently comprises eight companies covering every need with the broadest and strongest offer on the market.

The companies of the VITAPROTECH Group design, manufacture and distribute reliable, scalable and interoperable customised solutions that guarantee physical access security. Integrated human skills, ongoing investment in R&D and constant attention to societal and environmental developments and their impacts in terms of security form the core strengths of the Group and its companies.

VITAPROTECH relies on a network of trained and expert partner distributors and integrators to sell, install and provide technical support for its solutions to its clients (power stations, prisons, logistics infrastructures, centralised sites, bancassurance offices, etc.) in France and abroad.

Our missions

To grow

Developing team creativity and moving forward together to grow the Group and promote its expansion.

To unite

Uniting talent around common values to respond to market agility and innovation challenges.

To give meaning

Giving meaning to our everyday actions to offer increasingly responsible, high-performance and secure solutions.

International development

Sharing skills and combining offers within the Group

By offering a wide range of technologies and business skills within the Group, we are strengthening our position as French leader and key European player in electronic security.

Our companies in North America: PROTECH, VIDEOWAVE; Belgium: EUROCLOTURE security; and the UK: TDSi provide other Group members with access to their sales and distribution networks, offering real development opportunities.

To grow

Our levers

External and organic growth
The Group relies on the development of its internal R&D expertise and skills to strengthen its market position. This enables it to pursue its international development by offering cutting-edge solutions around the world in every electronic security sector.

To grow

A human resource-focused strategy

At the service of clients and employees

We rely on team synergy and take a cross-disciplinary approach to CSR. We seek to create value for the company but also for its 300 employees, instilling in staff members the desire to showcase their work and promoting skills development for all.

The long-standing managers of the various entities have a stake in the capital and are also involved in the executive committee decisions to adapt the strategy of each company to those of the Group. History is being written with all employees, so that it can be adopted by everyone.

To unite


The driving force of VITAPROTECH’s development

We are concerned about ensuring the high-quality of our products, services and technical support. Our solutions meet the strictest requirements: international standards, cybersecurity, complex specifications.

Each innovation is part of a global approach to offer products that are easy to integrate and use. The Group’s solutions are present on all professional sites: critical sites (government buildings, prisons, embassies, etc.), industrial buildings, power stations, museums, stadiums, company head offices, etc.

Each year, the Group invests 10% of its turnover in R&D. Tomorrow’s access control and perimeter equipment is already under development.

To unite

A responsible group

Environment commitment

The VITAPROTECH Group’s aim has always been to increase innovation, performance and responsibility to support the development of its clients in Europe and abroad.

To reduce its environmental impact and protect biodiversity, VITAPROTECH seeks to take a voluntary and active environmental approach.

VITAPROTECH is therefore working to manage and recover the waste generated by each entity to contribute to the circular economy.

VITAPROTECH is attempting to reduce movement and transport use, in particular by encouraging video conferencing and using public and/or electric transport.

The Group also wants to raise awareness among its employees, clients and partners on its approach to increase the impact of its actions.

To give meaning

Our commitment

Social and Societal Responsibility

VITAPROTECH undertakes to respect the [French] Labour Code as well as national and international standards, in particular the ILO Conventions applicable to its business sector.

The Group is striving to create a Group culture where each individual is respected, heard and valued. VITAPROTECH is committed to giving employees a genuine sense of belonging to the Group.

The Group is working to intensify its recruitment policy, promoting diversity among new employees, in particular by taking on trainees, apprentices, older people and disabled workers.

To give meaning