Our story

The history of VITAPROTECH

Constant development

Vitaprotech is the leading French group in premium security solutions for professional and, in particular, sensitive sites. Created in 2012, the group currently comprises 14 companies covering every need with the broadest and strongest offer on the market.

The companies of the Vitaprotech group design, manufacture and distribute reliable, scalable and interoperable customised solutions that guarantee physical access security. Integrated human skills, ongoing investment in R&D and constant attention to societal and environmental developments and their impacts in terms of security form the core strengths of the Group and its companies.

Vitaprotech relies on a network of trained and expert partner distributors and integrators to sell, install and provide technical support for its solutions to its clients (power stations, prisons, logistics infrastructures, centralised sites, bancassurance offices, etc.) in France and abroad.


  • Meeting between UI Gestion, Eric Thord and SORHEA (France)
  • Active fence manufacturer


  • Acquisition of PROTECH (Nevada, USA)
  • Active fence manufacturer
  • Acquisition of TIL TECHNOLOGIES (France)
  • Access control provider


  • Acquisition of VIDEOWAVE (Canada)
  • Smart video detection supplier
  • Creation of the PROTECH VIDEOWAVE agency


  • Acquisition of EUROCLOTURE (Belgium)
  • Active fence manufacturer


  • UI Gestion hands over to EURAZEO PME


  • Acquisition of TDSI (UK), ARD and VAUBAN (France)
  • Access control providers


  • Acquisition of RECAS (France)
  • Specialist in intelligent cloud video surveillance


  • Acquisition of ESI (France)
  • Supervisory remote monitoring softwares editor


  • Acquisition of PRYSM SOFTWARE (France)
  • Supervisory software editor
  • Acquisition of GS4 (France)
  • Secure communications specialist for sensitive sites
  • Acquisition of FOXSTREAM (France)
  • Video analysis and video system management editor


  • EURAZEO PME hands over to Seven2.
  • Creation of Cossilys, manufacturer of specialized video surveillance systems for the banking market.
  • Acquisition of Harper Chalice, manufacturer and supplier of electronic and electrified perimeter security systems.
  • Acquisition of Neo InSys, integrator of safety and security solutions.