Our values


Faced with an ever-changing market, ever-increasing expectations and the social challenge that security represents, VITAPROTECH has the ability to adapt to every need.

Thanks to the dynamism of its acquisitions and support of its major investors, its companies enjoy the financial means, expertise and good practices to advance while maintaining their leadership.

This adaptability stimulates the creativity of teams, which benefit from geographical and cross-disciplinary mobility between the various companies of the Group. For VITAPROTECH, enabling employees to develop involves giving meaning to work and providing a mission for the Group.


VITAPROTECH undertakes to guarantee the security of various locations, from professional sites to sensitive sites. The Group therefore sees it as its responsibility to be at the cutting edge of the latest technologies in terms of security and physical access protection and to pool its resources, offers and means.

By making its teams responsible, the Group generates client satisfaction. This helps forge long-term relationships of trust with its employees, clients, shareholders and all other market players.

VITAPROTECH implements good practices and seeks to have a positive impact on society.


At VITAPROTECH, excellence corresponds to perfect market control. The companies know the security needs of their clients, enabling them to offer rapid, reliable and customised solutions that meet their every need.

Excellence can be found in our desire to learn, progress, control our market and deliver high-quality products around the world.

This market knowledge enables VITAPROTECH to anticipate future needs, investing in innovative and relevant solutions that are always in step with market developments.

This desire to effectively and innovatively respond to company challenges characterises the close relationship the Group wishes to maintain with its shareholders and clients.


The strength of VITAPROTECH Group is the reliability and durability of its companies and solutions that equip many sites.

VITAPROTECH is constantly growing. The Group’s development is characterized by an ambitious acquisition strategy but also in its ability to constantly innovate thanks to the many technological expertise present within teams.